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I feel all jittery

I just sent out some beta copies of Sins of a Father to those who so graciously offered to read through and give their feedback. Now I feel nothing but nervous as I await their responses. Be honest with them, you guys. Drumming up my ego does no good if the story needs fixed and you don’t say so.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking giving something you worked so hard on to another person to see what they think. Any writer will tell you that. I’m sure even the most famous of writers have their doubts.

Now I just have to be as patient as possible until I get some reactions from the readers. Don’t worry, I know you won’t have it back to me tomorrow, or even the next day, but overnight those babies to my doorstep as soon as you have them so I can stop being so nervous about it. But seriously, take your time and mull over your answers to the questions for a couple days after you finish reading if you need to. Waiting isn’t going to kill me and I appreciate you guys doing this for me, so take as much time as you need.

I still have two more slots open for beta readers if anyone else is interested. Just hit me up using the contact form below.

The opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

I’m about to tell you something that will no doubt excite you. Please try to keep calm. We don’t need anyone having a panic attack. There’s no sense in letting your excitement drive the rest of the world into a frenzy over the opportunity I’m about to present you with- the opportunity that they’re about to miss out on. Let’s just keep it between us, how about that? You don’t need to tell anyone how special you are.

Ok, I’m going to tell you before you have a heart attack. I can’t have that kind of thing weighing on my conscience.

I’m looking for a handful of you lovely folks to be beta readers for my novella Sins of a Father. I’m planning on unleashing it on the world in January, that should give me plenty of time to make all necessary edits, but I’d like your feedback before I do too much more editing.

If anyone is interested, it would be highly appreciated if you could read through it and get me your feedback by mid September so I have time to make any necessary corrections before January. I’ll send you the file in PDF format with a list of a couple questions I’d like you to answer about it. Feel free to comment on anything I haven’t questioned as well.

Keep in mind, this is NOT the finished draft. There will be mistakes and things that need fixed. Try not to let that affect your opinion of me. I’m only human, after all.

I’m not sure how I’ll pay you guys back, but I’ll think of something. If nothing else, at least you’ll get to say you knew me before I was nowhere near famous. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Use the contact form below to drop me a line if you’d like to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thanks again! You rock!

I believe it is time for maniacal laughter

I just birthed a child. That child’s name is Sins of a Father. What I mean by that is: I finished the first draft. I realize at approx 13,600 it isn’t as long as its going to be in the end, but I put a lot of work into those 13,600 words. That’s the way I do things. The first draft is always shorter than the final product, except in the case of my 100 word drabbles.

My process usually goes like this before I ever let anyone else see what I’ve written:

Step 1: Write the 1st draft. This is more or less a step by step of the story with some of, but not all of the necessary detail.

Step 2: Expand the 1st draft by adding the details I left out. I call this work of art the 2nd draft, or Jamal. For some reason second drafts enjoy being called Jamal.

Step 3: Edit Jamal. This usually shortens the length of the story by rewriting what is necessary and removing what isn’t.

Step 4: Edit again, this time searching for spelling and grammatical errors and other beasts of that variety, also rewriting a little bit more.

Step 5: Unleash the Kraken!

Don’t be stealing my methods now. I know they aren’t common at all. Okay, okay. So they’re very common, except the Jamal part. I’m probably alone on that one. I’m okay with that. Don’t deprive me of the only thing that makes me unique.

Good Weekend

After deciding to start over completely with Sins of a Father, I must admit I was a bit worried that I had dealt myself a huge setback. Turns out I was dead wrong. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I gave myself the push I needed to really get moving on the project. If I hadn’t started from scratch, odds are I wouldn’t have written a single word of it this weekend. I would have just let the weekend slip away and made more excuses for not writing, leaving me feeling unaccomplished and mad at myself.

Being re-energized from the reboot, I went into this weekend with about 2,000 words on (virtual) paper. I’m coming out of the weekend 10,000 words strong. I’d call that a very productive weekend on the writing front. I even had time to do some other stuff as well. Not sure how I managed that one, but I liked it. If I had more vacation time at work I’d take the next couple days off and finish off the 1st draft of this story. I was about 9,500 words into the first version, so I consider myself ahead of the game at this point. 8,000 words in one weekend has me super stoked. If I wasn’t out of time in the day I’d keep going.

I’m so much happier with this version than I was with the first version to boot. The change from novel to novella is the key aspect of that. I tightened the story and removed all of the unnecessary garbage. What I was left with felt right. It felt like I’d finally found the story I wanted to tell from the beginning. That’s why it was so easy hammering out 8,000 words in a couple days. Now I just have to get the rest on paper.

Here’s to hopefully finishing off the first draft by the end of next weekend, though with July 4th and a family gathering at our place next Saturday I may be pushing it. Only time will tell I suppose.