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Where are my sunglasses? The future looks bright…

I’ve finally clawed my way out of the pit I dug myself into, and by that I mean I quit my second job, the one that stole my nights away and demanded more time than I would have liked. It had become more of a hindrance and less of a necessity than it was in the beginning. When I started working it I had no other choice because it was what was required of me as a husband and father to support those that I love. Over the last three years that has changed, through hard work and diligence, and it is no longer a necessity to hold down the second job so I decided it was time to cut myself free from the chains I myself forged.

Words to live by with my new free time. I'll definitely be enjoying it.  photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA via photopin cc

Words to live by with my new free time. I’ll definitely be enjoying it.photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA via photopin cc 

Burning the candle at both ends had become too much, so I’m glad things worked out that I could stop without worrying about how I’m going to pay the bills or put food on the table. I feel bad that I decided to quit on them. It’s a nice group of people and I have nothing against any of them. I just needed to move on and pursue different things. I needed a change and I shouldn’t feel bad about that, but I do. I’m not the kind of person to just walk out on others so it was hard for me to quit, though I did so with three week notice with the additional promise that at the end of those three weeks I would finish up anything I still had on my plate, so four week notice in all.

That being said, it’s been about seven months since I’ve posted anything on my blog or even really checked out other blogs. To those of you whose blogs I used to frequent, I apologize for not being around. To those of you who don’t remember me, don’t feel bad, I’m not interesting enough to be all that memorable.

So what’s the plan for me now that I’ve got all this extra time on my hands? I plan on easing my way back into this blog-o-sphere thing by getting back into the Friday Fictioneers, assuming they’ll have me back (I’m sure they will, they’re a great bunch of people). Other than that there likely won’t be any other blogs for awhile, though the occasional random post my sneak in there occasionally. I’ve got some projects around the house I’ve been meaning to tackle (I’ve got a list a mile long actually), some projects I’m working on/want to work on just for fun, and some new found time I get to spend with the wife and kid.

This weekend we drove (and drove and drove and droveā€¦ it was a 12 hour trip one way) to Michigan’s upper peninsula for my sister’s wedding. A great time was had by all, though we wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the area. Unfortunately, as it turned out, we only got to spend about a day and a half there before having to make the trek back home. Still, it was a great way to celebrate my new found freedom and my sister’s happiness.

If you’re wondering about the future of my writing, that’s still on extended hiatus. I don’t intend to write anything longer than 100 words for the Fictioneers for the foreseeable future, and I’m alright with that. I’m better with 100 words than I am with longer stuff anyway. Right now that kind of thing just isn’t part of my plans, though it will probably work itself back in there eventually.