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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

The river inside the gorge in Watkins Glen, NY

Some waterfalls inside the gorge in Watkins Glen, NY

This post is part of the weekly photo challenge.

Sunday Photo Fiction: Under the Falls

This is my contribution for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.


Photo copyright: Al Forbes

I stood staring at the falls. It’s really more of a glorified spillway, but the locals call it the falls to make it sound more upscale. I was soaked from head to toe for my efforts.

It was hell getting her in place down at the bottom, under some particularly heavy stones. I had to go back in a second time when I realized I hadn’t secured her right leg properly. Her shoeless foot was bobbing in the bubbly water. Leaving it that way just wouldn’t have done.

Fighting the raging torrent while hanging on to her was certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She slipped from my grip at one point, but, luckily, after she had floated downstream for a few heart stopping moments, a low hanging branch along the river’s edge snagged her long enough for me to regain my composure.

If the water ever stops flowing they’ll find her, but I’ll be so long gone that they’ll likely presume me missing as well.