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They Haven’t Left Me Since



Filthy, and with matted hair, the children walked down the street. No one else seemed to notice them, so I approached. They stared at me through narrowed eyes. For three days they followed me everywhere, never saying a word, nor ingesting anything as far as I could tell.

By the end of that third day I’d had enough. When I confronted them, they still stared, unspeaking. Eventually, I’d become fed up and turned away. In unison, they finally spoke. Just three words. “Helen sent us.”

Helen was my wife, until the day I killed her.

They haven’t left me since.

Written for Friday Fictioneers.

Yes, I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated, but I’m back now, and I come bearing gifts.

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Seeing Things


Photo Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Daryl’s eyelids drooped as he looked out the window. After a few minutes of watching the ground flow passed like water, something green on the wing drew his attention. He rubbed his eyes and leaned closer to the glass.

The gremlin staring back at him cocked its head and grinned, its wide mouth full of too many teeth. He closed his eyes and looked away. When he looked back, the creature was gone.

He laughed and tipped his chair back to get some much needed rest.

Outside–hidden beneath the wing–the gremlin pried a rivet free from the engine.

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers. My original thought was a treasure hunt because of the X on the ground. Second thought was a sniper taking an impossible shot from a moving plane. Finally I settled on the classic gremlin on the wing of the plane. Poor Daryl thinks he’s hallucinating.