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Super Short Stories – Mr. Whiskers


The mewing coming from beneath my bed sounded vaguely like Mr. Whiskers. I probably would have mistaken it as such if Mr. Whiskers hadn’t been busy wrapping himself in my legs and purring at the time.

Super Short Stories – The Offering

dark tunnel

My life ended the day she was born. It wasn’t like it was the greatest life, but it was a life, and they sacrificed it for the sake of an offering to the new queen. When my body died I forced my soul to remain, to torment those who’d murdered me. That was a mistake. There are things here, trapped between life and the afterlife–terrifying things.

Super Short Stories – Haunted


Fear brought me here, to her grave.
She still lives in that old, drafty house.
I’ve come to ask her to leave me be.

Super Short Stories – Berries of Summer

She lies under the bush, plucking berries from its supple branches and popping them in her mouth one by one. She barely notices their effects until she goes to reach for another, but her arm refuses to move. She tries to look down at herself, but her neck won’t budge. She tries to scream, but only a dull croak passes her lips.

Super Short Stories: Picking Up Girls

He woke to blood splattered across the walls. Judging from the pain he guessed it was his. Bringing her home was a mistake.