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And the winners are…

Another round of big thanks to everyone who helped me spread the word about Wicked Little Things.

All names were tossed into a bubbling cauldron, and subsequently became unreadable when the ink bled. So I had to grab a hat off the coat rack and use that instead. Names were shuffled. Spiteful words were said in the heat of the moment. The tears of the unicorn whose feelings I had hurt were sprinkled over the entries in the hat. Apologies were made. Forgiveness was had. Names were drawn. Winners were contacted. It wasn’t as much fun as a bubbling cauldron, but it got the job done without destroying the slips of paper this time.

The winner of the print editions of 100 Tiny Tales of Terror and Wicked Little Things was David Spell.

The winners of the Wicked Little Things e-books were Adam M. Booth and Charles Yallowitz.

Congratulations winners! You can now add an “achievement” to your resume and land that job you’ve always wanted but were never qualified for before now.


Thank you, minions

In the wake of my newest release, WICKED LITTLE THINGS, I’d like to give special thanks to those who helped me spread the word. You should follow their blogs, twitters, and facebook thingymagiggies because every one of them is totally awesome in every way imaginable.

In no particular order, thanks go out to:

Charles Yallowitz is a fantasy writer with big ambitions and a heart of gold. For a good time check out his Legends of Windemere series of books. That wasn’t meant to sound like it was written on a bathroom wall, but you can’t win them all, right? No, seriously. Read his books or I’m going to send Corkscrew after you. You don’t want that. Trust me. You may remember good ol’ Corckscrew if you read the first volume of 100 Tiny Tales of Terror.

Latashia Figueroa is a fellow horror junkie and author of This Way Darkness. Go buy it. It’s good stuff. I can’t promise she’ll hunt you down and wear your skin as a coat if you don’t buy her book, but I can’t promise she won’t either. She’s a tricksy one, not to be trusted, she is. No, she’s actually one of the nicest people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. Unless she has me fooled I can pretty much guarantee she won’t be skinning you to make a coat.

David Spell may just be my biggest fan. The rest of you better step up your game if you want to compete. If I had a few hundred thousand more of him in my minion army we’d set the world on fire then put the fire out because we’re not entirely heartless. Then we’d set it on fire again, because that is how we do.

Wren Spicer is strange and quirky and pretty much awesome. No jokes about her because to be truthful I’m a little bit afraid of her. I fear she may have shanked a guard and stole his phone to tweet from the inside of an asylum somewhere.

Susan Joshi is a fellow writer and Friday Fictioneer. Don’t let her kindness fool you. There’s a darkness bubbling under the surface that sometimes spills out into those stories of hers.

K.Z. Morano is a dark and twisted woman. Can’t get any better than that. Check out her own collection of 100 word stories, 100 Nightmares. Is it coincidence that she published a book like mine after me? Yeah, probably, but hers has pretty (if you’re into dark and unnatural things) pictures. Is it sabotage that she sells more than me? Nah, that’s just a personality (and marketing) thing–in the sense that she has a great one and the darkness has left me without (and she does more marketing and I more or less haven’t).

Adam M. Booth shares a name with me. Not much else to say about him. No, I’m kidding. His book The End was a wonderfully tragic tale told from a zombie’s point of view. His story of a tortured, lonely woman, Angela, was great as well. I’m absolutely looking forward to his next release. I have it on good authority that if you don’t buy his book he’ll give you an ice pick headache. It’s like an ice cream headache, but instead of using ice cream he uses an ice pick.

Carl McFlappins the third, Jr. is a cartoon penguin who wears a top hat and monocle and lives in my head. He didn’t help out one damned bit even though I specifically asked him to. He’s an evil little guy and if I was better at drawing he’d have his own unchildren’s book. Maybe someday, Carl. Maybe someday.

Thanks for the support everyone (except Carl). I truly appreciate it, and I’m here for you (except Carl) if you ever need me to return the favor. Just say the word (except Carl).

As promised, 2 of you (Carl excluded) will win an ebook copy of Wicked Little Things and one of you (who is from the US) will win print editions of BOTH volumes of 100 Tiny Tales of Terror. I’ll throw all of your names in a hat tonight and pick the winners. There is no commitment for those of you who win. Read them or don’t. It’s your call. Review them or don’t. That’s your call too. Use the print editions to steady a wobbly table if that’s what floats your boat. Obviously I’d love it if you’d read and review, but I don’t expect it. Winners will be notified by the end of the day tomorrow.

Thanks, again!