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The Pull of the Deep

Photo Prompt

Photo Prompt

Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water. She’d been warned against going there for as long as she could remember. She’d heard the stories, but she had to see it for herself, despite the danger.

She floated atop the clear, blue water and gazed in wonder at the sunken ship far below. She longed to swim down and touch it. The rusted hulk called to her, begged her to join it on the ocean floor if only for a brief moment. She gathered her breath and dove down.

Halfway to it her lungs ran dry. Her body impulsively gasped for air, but sucked in only water. Kicking furiously, she pushed toward the surface.

When she broke through the waves, heaving coughs full of salty water wracked her body. Physically drained she made her way back toward shore, still feeling the pull of the ship below. She didn’t dare look back. She couldn’t escape death a second time.

Written for Monday’s Finish the Story. The bold sentence is part of the prompt. I can’t promise I’ll be doing this one every week, but I’ll probably start doing it at least occasionally when I find the time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections



This photo was posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.