My New Home

I’m a bit late to the game today, but I didn’t have time to write anything before now. Very little editing done on this one, just enough to get it down to 100 words. Hope it’s decent.

As always, thanks to Madison Woods for the prompt and the Fictioneers for reading my ramblings.

My New Home

I told myself I was only going to stay a few hours to get out of the unbearable heat. Time is different inside. My watch has ticked off only five minutes, but outside the sun has danced across the sky at least eighteen times, I lost track when I turned my attention to the man stammering incoherently in the corner. He ran for the door and half a second later, he was gone- torn limb from limb. Blood and chunks of meat flew in every direction then faded away as the time raced along outside. I’m never leaving this place.

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