The Devil’s Toybox

Temptation, deceit, and trickery… works every time. I’m not sure where these 100 words came from. They just decided to flow from my fingertips without much thought or editing. I was powerless to stop them really.

The Devil’s Toybox

I have a little box. Inside are answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Care for a look, friend?

Just a quick peek. I’ll open the lid. You’ll look inside. Your questions will be answered. I’ll close the lid. You’ll be on your way, as will I.

Simple, right?

There is, however, one stipulation. You can’t tell anyone what you saw within the box. Horrible things will happen if you do. Just ask blind Eddie. He’ll tell you. Just don’t ask him what’s in my box. He’d probably tell you that too. Not too bright, that one.

So, care for a glimpse?

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