Kick it up a notch

I see you’ve come back to find the answer to last week’s prediction.  We didn’t have a winner last week so I’ll have to tell you the meaning behind the prediction in my own words.
When you’re surrounded by people doing idiotic things, you will lose your temper. In a moment lacking self control, you will give them the one finger salute.
…also known as “flipping the bird”. If you’re anything like me, this will likely occur while you’re driving.
Let’s increase the scope of this little game a bit this week. What do you say? Sound like a good idea? This one isn’t a personal experience kind of prediction. This one is a bit wider reaching with far greater implications. That’s your only hint.
Inhospitable land grows greedy tendrils
Fostered by scorching warmth
The birthplace of man withers
Give it your best guess. I’d love to hear your interpretations of my prognosticating.

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