The Winger Chronicles – Part 7

First off, for those of you wondering how Luka is coming along, here’s an updated picture. The front side is just about done, now it’s on to the back. Not perfect, but not too shabby for a first sculpt.


This story was an absolute bear for me to trim down to 100 words. I almost left it longer, but wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. I could have gotten a much, much, much longer story from this prompt, but I forced myself to limit it to the 100 words. I didn’t want to cut any of it, but some tough decisions had to be made in the name of my OCD like compulsion for exactly 100 words.

As always, thanks to Rochelle for hosting and the lot of you hooligans for reading.

I’m going to add a page that compiles all of the previous Winger posts into one space after I post this one. That way I don’t have to keep linking back to them. You can catch up there if you need to, just click the “Winger Drabbles” link at the top.

Comments, criticism, and half drunken rants are encouraged, as per usual.

Copyright Rich Voza

Copyright Rich Voza

Always Be Prepared (The Winger Chronicles: Part 7)

The glowing stream had long since disappeared into the bowels of the earth. Their only source of light became a flashlight he kept in his pack.

Liv’s fingers wrapped around the knob of the door embedded in the back wall of the cavern.

Winger pulled his gun from the holster on his hip and leveled it above the light. “Ready.”

She yanked open the door.

He watched the narrow beam of light. By the time he saw the bladed pendulum coming his way, reaction time was nil.

It ripped into his left bicep.

The flashlight tumbled.

The cave went dark.


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