Six on the Sixth – February

Welcome back, friends. The time has come for another go round with some six word stories. Yesterday I provided a few words to use as prompts should you need the extra motivation. This time around I’ve gone with a bit of a theme using the prompt term horse. I hope you enjoy the following six interconnected tales.

The Four Horsemen

Terror spread quickly when they rose.

The White Horse

With treacherous deceit, he guided us.

The Red Horse

The hundred nation war: his doing.

The Black Horse

His diseased crops ushered in cannibalism.

The Pale Horse

He came disguised as an angel.


At their hands, the end arrived.

Now it’s your turn. Write your own six word stories and share them with me- and the rest of the world. Link up is below.

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13 responses to “Six on the Sixth – February

  • zookyworld

    I really like that you connected this month’s six-word stories in a theme, and these are powerful stuff with the end times. My favorite is The White Horse, as there’s a great complexity in there.

  • draliman

    That was very clever, using a theme throughout. Very good!

  • MissTiffany

    Having a theme is interesting! I might have to try this with mine. I have to agree with Zooky, I like the White Horse one best. Well done!

  • Tarl

    Sent from my phone, so no fancy formatting. Title, and then a dash in front of the story.
    Casket, or Display Case?
    – The doll whispered, “Alone at last.”
    With Friends Like These…
    – Above my face, they planted mandrake.
    Aurora Borealis
    – The sleeping sky dreamed of dancing
    Happy Homemaker
    – Destroying all evidence, she cooked meatloaf.
    Ghost of Christmas Presents
    – Santa forgot again, but I remembered.
    One more Carol
    – In the falling snow, angels wept.
    – Sculpture remembered the feel of hands.
    Monotone Chorus
    – Beyond the terminal beep, I’m waiting.
    Sidewalk Chalk
    – I believed. Now I’m an addict.
    Frosty, the Pale Horseman
    – Personally, I like snowy apocalypses better.
    Ghosts of Never Were
    – Death. No mystery for the unborn.
    Equal-Opportunity Destroyers
    – Developmentally-challenged devils received tempting placements.

    No real theme with these stories, but it is snowing here in Texas, so that makes several appearances. It doesn’t snow often here. Inspiring. Fun exercise. What does it reveal about my innermost workings?

    • Adam Ickes

      Great collection you’ve presented, Tarl. We get plenty of snow every winter, but I still find it inspiring. My favorite of your bunch is “Frosty, the Pale Horseman”. It’s got a nice kick of humor in so few words. Thanks for participating.

  • RoSy

    Ha – Love how you kept this in theme. My fave & the one that gave me a BIG chuckle was The Pale Horse! šŸ˜†

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