The Ogre

This is another FridayFictioneers post, though it has nothing to do with the prompt by Madison Woods. The prompt sparked absolutely nothing in me this week. I was a bit disappointed by that. But, instead of writing nothing, I decided to continue the tale from last week a bit, as much as 100 words will allow anyway. You can find last week’s tale -> here <- if you don’t remember it. I even created a crude piece of “art” to go along with the new tale. Enjoy!

Tales of the Traveler – The Ogre

That ogre gave me nothing but grief for three weeks after I took his eye. He chased me through the swamps of Ganduugan and over the treacherous Kalloleese mountains. He caught up when I stopped to rest at the Nagging Mule over in Chesbrooke. Bastard was slow, but persistent as a fly on stink.

The bloody oaf yanked me right out my seat. I lunged for his good eye with my fork. He, naturally, took exception. That tavern took one hell of a beating during the scrum, as did I, but like I said before, ogres aren’t the smartest creatures.


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