I feel all jittery

I just sent out some beta copies of Sins of a Father to those who so graciously offered to read through and give their feedback. Now I feel nothing but nervous as I await their responses. Be honest with them, you guys. Drumming up my ego does no good if the story needs fixed and you don’t say so.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking giving something you worked so hard on to another person to see what they think. Any writer will tell you that. I’m sure even the most famous of writers have their doubts.

Now I just have to be as patient as possible until I get some reactions from the readers. Don’t worry, I know you won’t have it back to me tomorrow, or even the next day, but overnight those babies to my doorstep as soon as you have them so I can stop being so nervous about it. But seriously, take your time and mull over your answers to the questions for a couple days after you finish reading if you need to. Waiting isn’t going to kill me and I appreciate you guys doing this for me, so take as much time as you need.

I still have two more slots open for beta readers if anyone else is interested. Just hit me up using the contact form below.

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