VisDare 48: Beneath

This post was written for VisDare 48: Beneath.


The floor creaked as John’s sneakers crept toward the place where the boards ended abruptly in an inky black pit. Three feet shy of the drop he stopped and leaned forward. Peering into the darkness that had swallowed most of the hallway, he saw only vague outlines of what could have been anything. On a whim, he kicked a splintered board into the hole.

Seconds later the board arced back up and landed at his feet.

What the hell?

His gaze ventured back into the darkness.

A massive, misshapen arm with a gnarled hand nearly as large as his entire body shot out of the pit. Old plaster fell from the ceiling when the hand slammed against it.

The hand clamped down around his head and jerked him down into the dark. John’s screams were cut short by the snapping of bones intermingled with the wet smacking of lips.

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